Iris by Lowes is no more. Here’s what I did.

Iris by Lowes was a company that Lowes had that offered home security and a smart home solution, all from one hub. There was an option for professional home monitoring for $15/month, they integrated with a long list of products, and even had some proprietary ones of their own.  Sadly, they didn’t put quite enough effort into updating their platform so they decided to thrown in the towel.  The post below was something I attempted to post in the community forum but it kept disappearing so I decided to just post it on here.  For anyone coming over from the Iris Community, here is the reply I was trying to post at the end of the “Important Update about Iris Shutdown” thread:

I just switched to Scout. I’m pretty happy with it so far. $20/Mon. For professional monitoring. I found I didn’t need to use any of my smart plug repeaters as all my devices seem to be in range of the hub so it must have much better antennas. My first alert smoke detectors work with it and so do my utilitech glass break sensors. They only sell a few of their own components but those pieces are very solid. What out me over the edge is the fact they they tie into my Google Assistant (so I can just tell it to arm/disarm) and they also integrate with IFTTT. I got everything non-security set up with my new smart things hub and can use IFTTT to turn on lights and stuff like that if the alarm is triggered. I even have my big boy uiltilitech siren set to turn on and off when the alarm is triggered or disarmed by using IFTTT so all-in-all I can do pretty much anything with this combo. Check them out, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Here’s some links to my new setup.

FYI, they support the Centralite night light with repeater and are about to come out with a keypad as well as a standalone siren/repeater per the support lady

And I just ordered these 3 things.

Be sure to check out the story in this guy with the Wyze cameras. He used to work for Amazon and is really disrupting the camera market right now. They also have a stationary one for a little cheaper but I wanted to be able to rotate it and for about 10 buck difference, why not. I heard they are about to release an outdoor one also.

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