Stimulus?…more like stimu-less

Let me start by saying, I am all for free money and I can’ imagine a person that isn’t excited about getting a 4-digit paycheck for doing absolutely squat, BUT… I don’t think that the government is going to see the intended outcome of their stimulus package as they have with similar packages they have released in the past. This scenario is quite a bit different. This time we need that money. America has asked a huge portion of our workforce to go home for a month….at least, and with no pay. With previous stimulus packages, the “machine” was still chugging away and the government just wasn’t seeing the amount of spending that they like to see around that time of year so they gave us all a little extra money to throw around; extra being the key word here. Now, however, it’s not “extra”….hell, it’s not even “just enough”. I live in Indiana and the average salary for an individual is around $42,000/yr. That’s about $3500 per month. Our governor has sent all these workers home (just the same as every other state in the U.S.) for a month and our government is giving us a check for about a third of what they would have made on the job and then assuming we would go out and spend that check? Not happening. The only bump in spending you might see when that check arrives in on food. Most likely though people are going to save it. Most states have an order in effect prohibiting any utilities from being shut off for non-payment and banks are allowing mortgage payments to be deferred right now and people don’t want to be caught with no money on hand if worse comes to worst and the banks have to close so my theory is that people are going to cash those checks, put it under their pillows, and there isn’t going to be much of an uptick in spending. In times of crisis people tend to start hording the things that are valuable & important to them in a normal economy, even though they might be completely useless in an economic collapse. I mean, you’ve seen what people are doing with toilet paper, and we don’t even need that. Think what they are going to do with 1200 dollars cash. Stay safe everyone!